Cute Date Ideas – 6 Tips to Spice Up Your Dating Life

How to keep the spice in your dating life? That is an age-old question. Cave men and women had it made. The cave man firmly believed that date night consisted of finding his beautiful cave women, throwing her gleefully over his shoulder and then romantically carrying her away to his recently cleaned bachelor cave out in the middle of nowhere. Ahhh happiness ever after hey?

Those were what was known as the good old days. Now days we have to work a little harder. Date destinations and plans are a little trickier than the good old days. First let’s cover where NOT to go on a romantic date…the recently cleaned bachelor cave is a good start!

The old standby of a romantic movie outing is a really poor choice for any date. While movies are fun, how will you get to know your date if you are sitting in a darkened theater with a movie being shown? If the guy choose the movie, there is probably going to be a lot of frantic car chases and a lot of blood involved (we love this kind of stuff and we can’t explain why!!!). And if the lady chooses the movie there will probably be a lot of bordom on the guys half (although he will tell you how much he loved the movie and he was so glad you chose it!) Neither are conducive to creating a memorable date.

Also, don’t take your date to your parent’s house! They will know right away that you are a mama’s boy or daddy’s girl and you will never see them again. And rightly so! Why would you do it? I’m sorry but there is nothing romantic about your parents house. (Sorry Mum, but its true!!!)

Also don’t take your date to a sleazy bar with a motel out back. Although fun with the right company, you will scare your poor date to death. They will jump out of the car and hitchhike back to town believing that she would be much safer with a burly truck driver than with you.

Now, some good date ideas ideas are:

Begin with a simple lunch or coffee date. You want to keep the date casual and light, so something in the vicinity of lunch or coffee can be a good fun start. Then when the date goes well, you have the rest of the day to spend getting to know each other better.

Here are some ideas of where to go if the lunch or coffee date tells you’re there is some good chemistry happening:

If it is the season, an amusement park or a theme park is a cute date idea. It doesn’t matter how old you are, we can all be big kids at heart. There is so much you can do at amusement parks and theme parks that most likely you will forget about the pressure of trying to impress your date and just have a blast.

Now most well populated areas have an array of museums covering many different subjects. Visiting one that is dedicated to something that you have in common with each other is another good date idea. And a great way to promote stimulating conversation and even some witty banter.

Now don’t forget that during all these dates it is a two person process (otherwise its a pretty lonely date!!!). The last thing you want to be doing is just going for coffee or lunch every single time you have a date. This will become repetitive and boring for you and will adversely affect your personality and therefore your success and enjoyment on these dates.

So don’t forget to have fun, get out there and enjoy the company of your wonderful and interesting date.


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