Exciting Dating Ideas – Creating Excitement Before & During Your Date

The potential success of your date depends on how your date activity brings you and your date closer. Considering this, you should choose your date activities with care if you want your date to be memorable. You don’t have to spend much to have an unforgettable time. All you need is a bit of planning and a good imagination.

Before we discuss some of the best date ideas you can try, you might be wondering if it’s your place to decide where to go and what to do on your date. You do have a say on these matters, and believe me, your guy will appreciate it if you told him that you want to try some new places or new activities on your date. A man shouldn’t be the only one brainstorming for date activities, and your suggestions will definitely help him a lot. With that cleared, let’s start listing some of the most romantic things you can do on your date. If you’re already married, you can use these ideas to spice up your love life and bust the dreary routine of daily life.

1. “Feed Me”

This kind of date will encourage intimacy, and make you more aware of your partner’s personality. Before you go on your date, talk to your guy about food over the phone. Ask him his favorites, and tell him yours. When you’re enthusiastically talking about food and you know what your partner likes and dislikes, ask him to go with you on a ‘feed me’ date.

What is this exactly? It’s a date activity that has only one rule: feed each other. This means that your first stop is a grocery or a restaurant where you will pick out food for the other person to eat, and then go to a place where you can sit down, relax and spend the afternoon (or evening) feeding each other while talking. The ideal location for this date is a quiet bench beside the beach where you can talk all day without getting disturbed.

A fun variation of this date is the stay-home version:

You can cook together somewhere (your place or his) and then have a picnic in a park nearby. The idea is to bring food that you think the other person will love, and then cook separate dishes. It will be fun watching your date prepare food for you. For best results, use disposable containers so you don’t have to worry about clean up. I recommend bringing finger foods and fruits for this date, so you can feed each other using your fingers.

Whether you’re using your hands or utensils to feed your date, the sensual feel of having someone feed you is undeniable. Moreover, if it’s your first date, you will be able to move from strangers to special friends quickly. Learning about the food preferences of a person is one of the best ways to create a sense of familiarity.

2. The ‘funny outfits’ date

For this date idea, you will need to bring a backpack full of your favorite hats, gloves and scarves or go to the flea market to look for specialty hats together. The idea is to take photos of each other wearing mix-and-match outfits. This date will improve your sense of humor, and will give you a glimpse of your date’s sense of fun. It’s fun acting foolish when you have someone with you.
Here are some seasonal variations for this type of date:

– Santa and Elf – If it’s winter, you can bring Santa-themed accessories and take turns playing Santa in your living room.
– Easter Eggheads – You can bring some crafting materials along on your date and create head pieces that resemble eggshells. Paint a special egg-hat design for your date and take photos.
– Lovey-Dovey Valentines – Bring heart-shaped cut outs on your date and pin one on your partner and one on you when you go out on Valentine’s Day. You can decide before hand who will get the cut-out with ‘lovey’ or ‘dovey’ written on it.

Stash the ‘dinner and movies’ date for now and go for unique date ideas that will impress and surprise your guy.

Like me, you might be wondering whether you really need 300 creative date ideas for ONE date, but think of it this way: when your first date brings you closer together, you will need to think of more ideas for your next ones! My advice is to use the most romantic ideas for your anniversaries, and use the rest for your weekly dates. One huge caveat: if your guy thinks your ideas are cheesy, coax him out of that mentality by telling him to try it out ‘just once”. Trust me on this, most men will definitely find it refreshing to know that you’re a girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and who can be carefree and childlike sometimes.


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